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Auto Collision: What Should You Be Paying For Repairs

Dealing with repairs after an accident is a real drag; it takes time and effort to take your vehicle in and make sure you’re getting a reasonable deal. What you pay for repairs depends on many factors, including the type of vehicle, the extent of the damage, and the shop you choose. While it’s impossible to state a price without first evaluating the vehicle, here are a few rough estimates for auto collision repair.

Fixing a Dented Bumper with Car Body Repair

Dented bumpers happen for many reasons and lead to visiting an autobody shop. The extent of the damage and the type of vehicle you drive make a big difference in what you can expect to pay for auto collision repair. Owners of average vehicles are usually looking at a few hundred dollars for bumper repair, but this can increase to thousands of dollars for higher end models.

Dealing with Deep Paint Scratches at an Autobody Shop

Paint scratches are another common reasons for car body repair and, again, a lot depends on how much damage your vehicle sustains and the kind of vehicle. Small scratches are relatively easy to deal with and usually don’t cost a lot to repair, maybe a few hundred dollars. The price increases as the scratches are deeper or cover more surface area.

Handling Rear End Damage with Auto Collision Repair

A damaged rear end because someone hit you is highly variable; the price of car body repair is impossible to pinpoint. A simple bumper replacement may be in the few hundred dollar range, but if the frame is bent or there’s other damage, the price is significantly more.

The price of repairs varies considerably; the best thing you can do is find an autobody shop now that you can trust when you need repairs.

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