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The 4 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Calgary Auto Body Shop

You have to prepare yourself when it comes to taking your car to your local Calgary auto body shop. How do you do that? You get all the critical information by asking the right questions – these four questions!

Will All The Car Body Repairs Be In Writing?

The first thing you should do when walking into the shop is asking if everything will be in writing. You want all the work that will be done on your vehicle as well as a firm estimate on what the job is going to cost you. This way, you got a legal document on hand in case anything goes wrong.

Are Your Car Body Repairs Team Certified?

When it comes to getting someone to work on your car, you want the best person possible. That is why asking if the members of the team are certified is an important question. All tradesmen in Calgary body shops have to be approved by the government of Alberta to work on vehicles. If they are, it means they have the skills to work on the car; thereby giving you some peace of mind.

What Kind Of Warranty Comes With Your Autobody Repair?

Warranty offered by the auto shop should cover any work that is done on your car. Speak to the contractors to see what guarantees are entitled to you. This is a fundamental question to ask, so you have a firm idea on what covers you, and therefore you can go back if there are any issues with the car body repairs.

How Long Will The Car Body Repairs Take To Finish?

Perhaps the most common question out of them all. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast answer when it comes to answering this question because everyone faces different situations. Certain factors will impact the time of repairs, including the damage to the vehicle, the type of repairs that need to be made, and how busy the shop is. You will have to speak directly to the professional and ask for an estimate on how long the job will take for completion.

Contact the expert team at MP Autobody for your repairs. We can give you the best service, for the best price. We’ll have you set and back on the road as soon as possible.

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