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Got Into a Car Accident. Now What?

An accident or collision can be one of the scariest experiences a motorist may encounter. Whether you are at the scene or dealing with auto body repairs, the entire experience can end up taking quite a bit of time out of your schedule. While your insurance company may suggest a “preferred auto body shop”, you have the right to take your vehicle to any Calgary auto body shop you choose.  It is more important to make sure you take the proper precautions to protect yourself and property.

At The Scene

Immediate after the car accident, be sure to check that you or anyone else involved is unharmed. In order to make the scene safe, it may be necessary to move the vehicle off of the roadway.

Should I Call the Police?

The Calgary Police Service says that you must report the collision if there are any injuries, damages over $2,000, or if you are the victim of a hit and run. Once the police arrive at the scene, they will likely ask to see your license, registration, and insurance card.

Take pictures of the scene including damages to your vehicle. If you do end up making an insurance claim later on, these photographs will prove to be invaluable in proving whether the damage was pre-existing or part of the collision. It is also important to get the other person’s details.

What if Someone Refuses to Give Me Their Details?

Regardless of fault, they are required to provide you with information. If the situation becomes uncomfortable and they become belligerent, you may need to contact the Calgary Police Service.

My Car is Damaged, but I Don’t Need a Collision Sticker

Let’s say the police inform you that you will not need a collision sticker because you were in a minor accident, however, you notice there is damage to your vehicle and want to have it repaired. You have a few options available to you. You can file an insurance claim and get that process going or you can pay for the auto body repairs outright.

Should I File an Insurance Claim?

Some car owners opt to have their vehicles repaired out of pocket instead of going through insurance because they want to avoid claims on their insurance policy or driving record. Claims can significantly raise insurance premiums depending on the amount and who is at fault.

MP Auto Body specializes in small to medium auto collision repair. With our prices you are more likely to pay less than the cost of an insurance deductible if you were to file a claim.

Whichever option you decide to take, remember to weigh out the pros and cons, especially the future cost of increased premiums and maintaining the value of your vehicle.

If you have any questions about the process or require more information about our Calgary auto body repair services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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