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Hood Replacement

Hood Replacement: Should You Do it On Your Own?

If the hood of your vehicle is starting to come off, or if it severely damaged, you should be looking to get it replaced as soon as possible. However, do you do it yourself or do you go to an auto body shop in Calgary? We break it down for you.

Why You Should Do A Hood Replacement Yourself:

  • You can save a lot of money
    Perhaps one of the most common reasons why people will try to do the replacement themselves is that they can save money. All you need to do is spend money on the hood itself, instead of the replacement service.
  • The satisfaction of doing it yourself
    There is always this feeling of satisfaction that you can complete a job on your own. Installing and replacing a new hood in your vehicle will give you that sense of achievement.

Why You Shouldn’t Do A Hood Replacement Yourself:  

  • You might not actually do it properly
    While you might think that you’ve installed the hood correctly, there is the off-chance that you haven’t connected it properly. It can lead you to have your hood coming off mid-drive (which is dangerous) or sliding off if it is not tight enough.
  • You can actually make it worse  
    In some cases, people might actually damage their car even further while attempting to replace their hood. They can end up cracking other panel parts, and in some severe cases, damage their engines. You might end up causing more problems, leading you to take your car to an autobody repair shop in Calgary to replace the hood, and the other damage too.  
  • You can end up spending more money
    You could end up wasting more money on repairs and replacements because you have damaged it, instead of getting the hood replaced in the first place.
  • You lose that professional touch
    Getting a Calgary body shop to do the job for you means you are getting a professional to work on your vehicle, ensuring that professional ‘touch’. They will execute the job correctly, guaranteeing that your hood is locked on properly and connects with your car without issues.

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