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How To Repair Paint Chips Without Losing Your Car’s Value

A rock kicked up by a passing truck, an errant shopping cart, a key scratch, or road debris; it’s easy to get chips or scratches on your car. Some of them may not seem like a big deal, but even small chips can lead to further damage from rust. Getting the chip repaired promptly at a Calgary body shop can provide a lasting repair that won’t lower the value of your vehicle.

Problems with Home Paint Chip Repair

There are many products available that claim to offer do-it-yourself repairs. However, this usually results in low-quality results and you may experience the following problems:

  • Limited size – For metallic paint, repairs larger than two inches will result in metallic flakes reflecting light in different directions that will draw attention to the flaw
  • Paint looks dull – Home touch-up paints usually don’t have clear coat, which gives the paint its shine.
  • Touch ups don’t last – It can be difficult to make home repairs last; they sometimes fall off, wash off, or buff out.

A Calgary Body Shop Provides Professional Repair

For permanent paint chip repair that won’t hurt the resale the value of your vehicle, it’s best to let the experts do the job. A Calgary body shop alternative can handle your scratch and chip repairs and leave your car looking as good as new. Trained technicians use a special blend of paints to repair the damage, and the spot treatments are so effective that you won’t need the entire panel repainted, which saves time and money.

Expert Autobody Repair

Get the most out of paint chip repair by letting the professionals do it right the first time. Autobody repair is easy and affordable with a body shop alternative.

 MP Auto Body Repair offers professional and precise paint chip repairs at both our Southeast and Northeast locations.

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