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Paint Chip Repair: 3 Ways to Protect Your Car’s Paint

Smooth, gleaming paint catches the eye and makes your car look attractive and stand out. Unfortunately, keeping your paint looking like new is difficult with so many environmental hazards attacking it on a regular basis. Everything from road debris to bird droppings and sun to salt can damage your car’s paint leading to paint chip repair. So how do you protect it? Here are three good options.

1. Wax Your Car Regularly to Avoid Car Paint Scratch Repair

Keeping a good coat of wax on your car provides a layer of protection and helps maintain that wonderful showroom shine. Avoid waxes with polishers, cleaners, or colours, and choose a plain paste or liquid wax. Use wax only on painted areas of your vehicle, and plan to apply it every five to six weeks.

2. Seek Paint Chip Repair Promptly

If your paint is damaged by a flying rock, fender bender, or other problem, don’t wait to get paint chip repair. Chips and scratches can get worse over time and may allow water to seep underneath the paint and rust the body of your vehicle. Visit a Calgary body shop promptly for professional car paint scratch repair to protect your car and keep the paint looking its best.

3. Try Paint Protection Film from a Body Shop Calgary

Probably the best way to protect your paint job is with paint protection film. When installed by a Calgary body shop, this film is invisible and provides a tough layer of protection against rocks, sand, salt, scratches, sun, and other hazards. With paint protection film, you no longer need to worry about waxing, and many types are even self-healing so scratches disappear.

Minimize your need for car paint scratch repair by using these tips for keeping your vehicle’s paint job looking great.

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