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3 Reasons Why Prices Vary Between Different Auto Body Shops

It’s a common situation: your car needs body work and you take it to several different shops to get estimates, but the estimates vary wildly. What makes the difference? There are a number of things that cause these pricing gaps; here are three main reasons prices vary between Calgary auto body repair shops.

1. Labour Rates for Car Body Repairs

Each auto body shop has its own structure for determining labour rates. Things like overhead costs, employee compensation plans, ethics, number of locations, and employee skill levels all impact the rate a shop charges for labour. While you don’t want to overpay for labour, it’s important to remember that some things require more skill than others and you tend to get what you pay for.

2. Quality of Parts at an Auto Body Shop

Another big factor that impacts estimates for car body repair is the kind of parts they use at the shop. Some shops cut costs by using low-quality parts, while other choose high-quality parts that cost more but tend to last longer. Whether the shop uses aftermarket or OEM parts also impacts the price.

3. The Quality of Work for Calgary Auto Body Repair

The quality of the work performed is the third big factor that causes price differences between body shops. This is one reason it’s a good idea to be wary of the lowest price for car body repair. Estimates that are much lower than the others usually indicate lower work standards and cutting corners. It’s better to pay more for Calgary auto body repair that’s done correctly and will keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Getting different estimates from body shops can be frustrating, but knowing some of the reasons for the differences can help you make a good decision about which auto body shop to choose.

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