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How To Spot A Good Auto Body Repair Shop In Calgary

If you need auto body work done, chances are you’ve taken your vehicle to several different shops and received widely different estimates. How do you know which one to choose? Check out these tips for spotting a good body shop Calgary.

Listen to Word-of-Mouth about Auto Body Repair Calgary

Recommendations from family members, friends, coworkers, and other acquaintances are valuable. If they have an auto body shop they recommend, you know it’s a business that satisfies customers.

Think about the Body Shop’s Location and Overhead

Labour hours add up in the world of auto body repair Calgary. Find out what the shop charges per hour for labour; in different areas of town the rates may vary dramatically. Another thing that impacts the overall price of repairs is the size of the front office staff.

Shop Around for Estimates

Visit several body shops to get estimates for repair work. This helps you avoid being overcharged, and some shops will match estimates from others. However, going with the lowest quote isn’t usually a good idea. Shops that perform work cheaply often leave something out, which could cause big problems later.

Ask the Body Shop Calgary the Right Questions

Ask key questions when considering a Calgary body shop. Do they provide a written warranty? For how long? What does it cover? Do they have insurance and a business license? What kind of parts do they use?

Follow Your Intuition for an Autobody Shop

As you narrow down your options, pay attention to your intuition. If a shop seems dirty, disorganized, or uncomfortable, it’s probably better to go elsewhere. Look for an autobody shop you feel confident taking your vehicle.

Use these tips to find a good auto body shop, so you’ll be ready if you need Calgary auto body repairs.

At MP Auto Body Repair we pride ourselves on providing high quality service, at an affordable price. Be sure to call us for all your auto body repair needs.

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