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Auto Collision: What Should You Be Paying For Repairs

Dealing with repairs after an accident is a real drag; it takes time and effort to take your vehicle in and make sure you’re getting a reasonable deal. What you pay for repairs depends on many factors, including the type of vehicle, the extent of the damage, and the shop you choose. While it’s impossible to state a price without first evaluating the vehicle, here are a few rough estimates for auto collision repair. Fixing a Dented Bumper with Car Body Repair Dented bumpers happen for many reasons and lead to visiting an autobody shop. The extent of the damage…
Hood Replacement

Hood Replacement: Should You Do it On Your Own?

Some car owners enjoy tinkering with their vehicles while others do it to save money; whatever the reason, you may be wondering if you can replace the hood on your own. Here’s a look at hood replacement to help you decide. The Importance of Hood Replacement Many things can damage a hood. It could be something small, like getting hit with a rock, or something more serious, like an accident. The hood helps protect the engine, so it’s important to repair or replace it promptly if it doesn’t fit properly. If you’ve been in an accident that bent the hood,…

Calgary Dent Repair: Are My Dents Worth Fixing?

Dents, dings, and scratches are unsightly and ruin the look of a vehicle. Unfortunately, they are also difficult, if not impossible, to avoid. You may find yourself with a dent and wonder if it’s worth getting fixed. Although each situation is different, there are a number of reasons that dent repair is worth pursuing. Protect Your Vehicle’s Resale Value with Dent Repair Calgary One of the most important reasons to deal with dents and blemishes is that Calgary dent repair  protects the resale value of your car. The physical appearance makes a difference to potential buyers and dents, scratches, and…

Most Common Autobody Repairs In The Winter

Winter brings with it harsh conditions that can damage your car. Learning about common winter repairs can help you spot problems and deal with them promptly as well as allowing you to take preventative measures to help minimize damage in the first place. Here are some of the most common autobody repairs in the winter. Repainting at an Autobody Shop Extreme winter weather gives the paint on your vehicle a beating. Freezing rain, snow, sleet, and ice damage paint over time. Snow and ice that accumulates on your car carries dirt and debris with it, and can scratch the paint…
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