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Got Into a Car Accident. Now What?

An accident or collision can be one of the scariest experiences a motorist may encounter. Whether you are at the scene or dealing with auto body repairs, the entire experience can end up taking quite a bit of time out of your schedule. While your insurance company may suggest a “preferred auto body shop”, you have the right to take your vehicle to any Calgary auto body shop you choose.  It is more important to make sure you take the proper precautions to protect yourself and property. At The Scene Immediate after the car accident, be sure to check that…
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Should You Repair Your Bumper After A Minor Accident?

A dent in your bumper can be caused by many things, from getting rear ended to running into a tree. Even minor accidents can cause unsightly damage to your plastic bumper. But with small dents, you may be wondering if it’s worth fixing the damage. Here are some things to think about if you are considering whether or not to repair your bumper after a minor accident. Bumper Repair Deals with Hidden Damage It can be hard to tell how much damage was done to your vehicle in a minor accident. What looks like a small dent may be hiding…

How To Repair Paint Chips Without Losing Your Car’s Value

A rock kicked up by a passing truck, an errant shopping cart, a key scratch, or road debris; it’s easy to get chips or scratches on your car. Some of them may not seem like a big deal, but even small chips can lead to further damage from rust. Getting the chip repaired promptly at a Calgary body shop can provide a lasting repair that won’t lower the value of your vehicle. Problems with Home Paint Chip Repair There are many products available that claim to offer do-it-yourself repairs. However, this usually results in low-quality results and you may experience…

Why Should You Choose A Calgary Auto Body Alternative?

Discovering dents, scratches, and dings on your car is frustrating. Taking your vehicle in for repairs takes time and money, both of which are often in short supply. Thankfully, a Calgary auto body alternative can help your car look great again. Here are a few things to think about when looking for a body shop, and why you should choose an auto body alternative. Listen to Word of Mouth when Looking for a Calgary Body Shop When your vehicle needs repairs, you want to know it will get the attention it deserves. Get recommendations for body shops from friends, family,…
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